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 Clash of Plans

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PostSubject: Clash of Plans   Wed May 02, 2012 9:26 pm

AJ Wacko is waiting at door titled, "Women's Locker Room" He is checking his cell phone and waiting for somebody to answer, but no one's picking up, he hang up.

AJ Wacko: Honeybuns, are you there? It's me, your smoockins, AJ.. Hello?

*knock on door, no response*

*goofball show up*

Goofball: Hey, what are you doing here??

AJ Wacko: Oh um.. Goofy right?

Goofball: Nah, no no man it's Goof-Ball! Like a basketball but with goof instead of basket! I ain't basket case like your girlfriend is!

AJ Wacko: Um ok..?

Goofball: You should be careful, don't let dat woman Silverozik catch you trying to pick up women in locker room. You kno how women can be when they catch you cheating. And never mind what they do when we catch them cheating, they'll just blow it up your face anyway! Hehehe!

AJ Wacko: But I'm not...

Goofball: Hey man! man, dude I don't judge! it's all good with me man! *gives manly shake and hug*

AJ Wacko: Yeah but I'm not reall-

*Silverola opens the door without them looking at her.*

Goofball: Shhh, what she don't know, won't hurt her. Don't worry, your secret's safe with me dawg.

AJ Wacko: Um okay thank you but--

Goofball: Tell me which babe are you looking for after you've dump her? hmm?

AJ Wacko: Er.. I..

Goofball: I don't anyone who goes by that name, must be new!

AJ Wacko: No but-

Goofball: I'll tell you this, Sergiy Cena, he's the man you should be watching out for! He's wonderful with ladies.

AJ wacko: Now waitamin-

Goofball: Your mohawk won't cut it around here, espiecally if Silver babe catch you picking up some babes here *clear throat*

*Silverola's mouth open in a surprise, then she look around locker room.*

Goofball: There's no telling whether you're going to take it easy or she'll give it to you major time!

AJ Wacko shaking his head: I don't think this--

Goofball: Like I said, You're great dude I saw how you handled that man Ghetto Blaster, you did great job man, that was one of hardest match to watch. Espeically after what happened to him with that ladder *laughing* I wouldn't be surprised if Silverola decided to do that to you! *laughing*

*Silverola clear throat.*

Goofball: One second Silver babe! So man AJ, your the man! Just make sure she don't catch you, your my hero! *punch AJ's shoulder and leaves*

Silverola: soo... what was that all about??

*AJ Wacko mumbling, trying to talk to her but continues to speak incorrectly.*

Silverola: You know what? You're on your own! I have a match to attend to! I have very excellent chance to win 5 man elimination match! I'm not going to be your valet anymore! Maybe I will just think about becoming announcer for your match, whilemean, you can find somebody else to replace my place to help you with William Eagle! I'm through with you!!

Silverola leaves aburptly.

AJ Wacko, stammering: But wait.. Techincally... there is only three woman in this federation.... And Silverola is better than other two... And I thought she didn't care about that PWE Violent Breed Championship?
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Clash of Plans
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