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 Excuse me this isn't over

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PostSubject: Excuse me this isn't over    Wed May 02, 2012 2:55 am

The camera is focus on the Jules and Spencer talking about the PPV so far.

Jules: Well this pay per view is living up to its name.

Spencer: William is known for putting together top show on pay per view time

just then the light flicker and the monitor goes fuzzy then Ghetto Blaster appears on the screen from a hospital room.

GB: Hey you think I was just going to be quite after what happen to me. Aj you wanna used me to make a statement. You must don't know me very know do you. Payback is what i do best when I get outta this hospital bet believe you will see me soon.

Nurse comes in partly dressed bring Ghetto a drink.

GB: Thanks. As you can see that i'm in the best of care now that stunt you pulled with the ladder got the thug coming outta of the playa. You will suffer I don't think you release how serious I am. I wanna end you career and beat you in the Hall of Fame for beatdown, Aj start praying now

screen fades to black
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Excuse me this isn't over
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