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 Preperations for the biggest night.

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PostSubject: Preperations for the biggest night.   Wed May 02, 2012 12:21 am

The titan tron comes to life and the fans all turn there attention to see a scene of The Phoenix Kid. The background appears to be that of a chamber hall, there are several large looking pillars in the background, thousands of candles are seen lit behind the Phoenix Kid as he appears to be sitting with his hands together in a prayer fashion, his legs are crossed and the sound of chanting can be heard in the back ground. This scene plays on for several moments, before you see The Phoenix Kid appear to focus on the camera as he looks out at the crowd.

So I feel really, really, good after performance I put on against blotter boy, he was able to actually put me through a tough match. Out of deal, I get to face The French Warrior for the PWE Television Championship. I have only stepped into ring against him once and that was tag match with GM, I have been preparing for a big chance. I may not get chance again at PPV.

The Phoenix Kid jumps to his feet and turns placing his back to the camera before walking down what appears to be a long hallway. Once at the end there appears to be a door which opens up and allows him to walk through. Once inside the room you see what appears to be a tub filled with Ice water, several trainers or doctors stand at either side. The Phoenix Kid is seen removing his clothes and stepping into the Ice bath as the camera fades to black.

The camera comes back into focus and you see the Phoenix Kid laying on a bed thousands of needles are sticking out of his back, he continues to lay there as you watch more needles get inserted till his whole back is covered, without missing a beat he moves and is standing with the needles in his back as they are then lit and begin to burn, the camera fades to black once again and then reappears this time showing Phoenix Kid fully dressed and walking towards a door.

And now time comes, I head to PWE for chance at being new Television Champion. Fans of PWE I make this promosise I may not win match, but I will not leave anything on table and I will give my all to make sure that my match is one of the best you see.

The door opens and The Phoenix Kid walks through it and to his motorcycle which gets on, sticks the key in the ignition fires it up and takes off down the road towards the arena.

[ooc:Not the most solid promo I have ever done, but stressed for time with job]
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Preperations for the biggest night.
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