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 the wolf arives

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PostSubject: the wolf arives   Tue May 01, 2012 9:49 am

The camera fades in on the parking lot of the PWE. Keith Ledger begins to walk out of the back door of the arena as Wolvian's H3 pulls into the lot and parks.

Keith Ledger: There he is! Lets see if we can get a quick interview?

Keith Ledger and the Camera man rush towards the H3 just as Wolvian steps out of the driver side. Wolvian shuts the door and turns to look straight into the camera.

Keith Ledger: Wolvian can we get your thoughts on your match here tonight?

Wolvian: How about you step back a bit and get that camera out of my face? You need to show a bit more respect to people than to ambush them like this kid!

Wolvian pushs past them and heads to the back of his H3. He opens up the back and grabs out his wrestling gear bag. He then shuts the back and locks up his H3 tight as a drum. Wolvian then turns to the camera.

Wolvian: Now you want to know my thoughts on tonight? Well its quite simple. Tonight I face Derek Poundstone in a PWE's first ever PPV. It is also a three stages of hell match for the PWE Heavy Weight Championship.

Keith Ledger: Dont forget its the Main Event.

Wolvian shakes his head a bit at the reporter. He then looks around at the full parking lot. He then looks past the reporter and the camera man to see the long lines of fans waiting out side the baracades at the back of the building. All in hopes just to get an autograph or a snap shot or even a look at there favotrite wrestlers as the enter the arena.

Wolvian: Take a second boys and look around you. See those people over there? All those fans standing and waiting to see our show?

Keith Ledger and the camera man turn and look at the fans.

Keith Ledger: Yeah so there fans?

Wolvian again shakes his head at the reporter.

Wolvian: Those are more than just your average fans, Kid! Those are the people that keep this industry alive. Those are the people that we the wrestlers work so hard to give a great show night in and night out.

Wolvian walks towards the fans and stops next to the baracade. He pulls out some pictures out of his bag and starts handing them out to the fans. He then turns and looks at the camera.

Wolvian: You wanted my thoughts on tonight? Well here they are. I dont really care about title's, or main eventing. What I trully care about is going out there and putting on one heck of a show for these people.

The fans pop loudly chanting Wolvian.... Wolvian..... Wolvian.....

Wolvian: Tonight the fans want to see some hell raised and thats just what I plan to give them in that ring, three stages of mind blowing, glorious bouts that will set hell it self on fire!

With that said Wolvian turns to the fans and begins signing autographs as the camera fades to black.
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the wolf arives
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