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 Tkellionaire Interview

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PostSubject: Tkellionaire Interview   Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:52 pm

The screen pans backstage where Keith Ledger is standing along side a wrestler with a microphone in hand.

Keith: This is Keith Ledger here with one of PWE's fastest rising new big name superstars... Tkellionaire. Now anything you would like to say before we get this interview started TK?

TK: Actually yes Keith there are some things I would like to let the fan base know. First off what Falcon got last week was just a preview of the carnage I plan on creating tonight once I step in the ring. I hit him with the Ultimate TKO and then there was simply nothing he could do and for that I got a big match here tonight that I will win. And second off I want you all to know that when it comes to gold... I stop at nothing.

Keith: Alright sounds like you might be one of the tougher competitors in this match. Now for those who don't already know, Tkellionaire your in a five man elimination match for the PWE Violent Breed Championship. What does this match mean for you TK?

Tkellionaire thinks for a short moment and then answers.

TK: The toughest competitor that is Keith. And this match means a huge opportunity in my eyes. To win this match would be the first ever to hold the belt. Tkellionaire is a name that just arrived here and tonight I plant it into PWE history forever. This match means everything right now and it's no longer about me. Everyone said I couldn't do it and then I became a champion in my last federation for the first time since serving my sentence. So I already proved to myself and to everyone else that I can do it. So this match is for the other four guys that made the mistake of stepping into the ring with me and thinking that they have a chance.

Keith: Speaking of the other four competitors. This isn't like a normal championship match where the better fighter wins. This time a lot more factors come into play as your statistical chances of winning drops from 50% to just 20%! How important is this to you?

TK: Well in the past when becoming a champion, it has always taken going through multiple guys. However at the end of the day it has always been one at a time with a week or so between matches. Now in order to become the champion I must get through four guys all in one match. The odds are stacked against me but the strategy doesn't change. I will go in with intent to inflict damage on everyone and hopefully dominate the match until the final bell. The plan is to go in with confidence and with ruthlessness and to come out the champion.

Keith: Interesting without a doubt. No I must ask.. Who poses as the biggest threat to you coming in? Airwave, Silverola, Jack Swarm, and Lwmed The Destroyer all are talented competitors and at least one of them has to make you a little nervous.

Tkellionaire looks down and begins laughing for about 12 seconds before looking back into the camera with a smirk.

TK: I don't recognized any of those names Keith. Nobody does and that is because none of them have a legacy to be remembered by. At the end of this all only one of us can win and I am used to it. Everyone will always remember me but for these guys... losing means being forgotten and that is all there is to it.

Keith interrupts Tkellionaire and upsets him.

Keith: This may be true but that doesn't answer my question.

Tkellionaire stares at Keith with a serious look before speaking again.

TK: Keith... That is another thing you need to learn. When I speak you listen. But since you asked I will put it as straight forward as I can. Silverola ain't nothing. Jack Swarm ain't nothing. Airwave ain't nothing... and The Destroyer.. well. Destroyer.

Tkellionaire holds up his microphone and all the fans at the arena can be heard chanting "ain't nothing".

TK: Sorry fans but I couldn't hear you from backstage here. So I say again... Airwave, Swarm, Destroyer, and Silverola... well they..

Tkellionaire holds up the microphone again and the crowd chants it again satisfying Tkellionaire this time.

Keith: So none of them intimidate you at all?

TK: Keith you need to understand that I am on my own level. You might not realize it now but by the end of the night you will. Airwave has been impressive all season here and he is the only one I see standing across me when the final two competitors battle it out for the belt. But even he is no match for me and my partner tonight.

Keith: Wait what? Your partner?

TK: Damn right Ledger.. my partner. See when it comes to hardcore matches like this... I never go in alone.

Tkellionaire reaches down and picks up a sledgehammer off the ground and smiles as the crowd pops shaking the whole arena.

TK: This dude right here as helped me win many championships and even more matches. So at the end of the night it will be my hammer in one hand and my belt in the other... Ladies and gentleman. Your looking at your future PWE Violent Breed Champion.

Tkellionaire turns around and walks away. Keith calls the interview over before the camera fades but he cannot be heard over the TK chants across the arena.
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Tkellionaire Interview
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