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 Saturday Night ShockWave- April 28,2012

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PostSubject: Saturday Night ShockWave- April 28,2012   Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:22 pm

Saturday Night ShockWave
April 28, 2012- Forum Time- 10pm
April 29, 2012- TWG Time- 3am

Welcome to Final Shockwave!!!
A Favor
The French Warrior Alex Kazarian VS Ivan Medvedev
Phoenix Kid VS Blotter Boy
Keith Ledger Failed Interview
Bryce Brayden VS The Hardcore Warrior
Kouji Tanaka VS Rossi
Debut Match
Sergiy Cena VS Iron Golem
PPV Promo: PWE Hellraiser
Derek Poundstone + MarkHenry VS Wolvian + Joe Hunter
Goofball's Big Mistake
William Eagle VS goofball
Fun with Silverola & Wacko
AJ Wacko VS Ghetto Blaster
Power On The Line?

Tickets Sold: 8.000
Tickets Income: 80.000 Fantaeuros
Tickets Request: 39.469
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night ShockWave- April 28,2012   Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:53 pm

PWE Television Championship Qualifier Match
Alex Kazarian def. Ivan Medvedev
(via pin after fantastic spear)

PWE Television Championship Qualifier Match
Phoenix Kid def. Blotter Boy
(via pin after fantastic spyder)

One Fall Match
Bryce Brayden def. The Hardcore Warrior
(via pin after fantastic big splash)

One Fall Match
Kouji Tanaka def. Rossi
(via pin after strong kasai sanda)

One Fall Match
Iron Golem def. Sergiy Cena
(via submission by mortal iron squeeze)

Tag Team Match
Wolvian & Hunter def. Derek Poundstone & Mark Henry
(via submission by incredible howling thunder)

One Fall Match
William Eagle def. Goofball
(via pin after ultimate fully fledged)

Main Event Match
AJ Wacko v. Ghetto Blaster {No Contest}
(via disqualification after silverola interfered)
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Saturday Night ShockWave- April 28,2012
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