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 Lawmed the Destroyer interview

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PostSubject: Lawmed the Destroyer interview   Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:50 pm

Hailey King and Lawmed the Destroyer sit in the video room watching tape of his PWE matches. Lawmed the Destroyer seems to be enjoying watching himself dish out pain.

Lawmed the Destroyer: Look at the pain in his eyes right before he goes unconcious.

Hailey King: You know it was said that Destroyer is the right name for you, i mean thus far you have destroyed your opponents.

Lawmed the Destroyer: I have and I will continue to do so.

Hailey King: With your victory 2 weeks ago you earned a spot in the inaugeral Violent Breed title match. What are your thoughts on what promises to be an exciting title bout?

Lawmed the Destroyer: Same thoughts as always...PAIN...and lots of it. I will have 4 people to wreak havoc on and destroy as I become the first ever Violent Breed champion.

Hailey King: I'm sure all your opponents feel they will win this match-up.

Lawmed the Destroyer: They will only feel pain and disappointment when I emerge as champion, in fact I have Destroyerdrops and Crainial Carnages for them all.

Lawmed the Destroyer points the cameraman toward the video playing on the tv, it shows him executing a Destroyerdrop followed by a Cranial Carnage. He smirks wickedly and waves off the camera as he goes back to watching tape. The camera fades out.
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Lawmed the Destroyer interview
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