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 The Legend of Xtreme Def-jam

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PostSubject: The Legend of Xtreme Def-jam   Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:15 pm

No longer grieving over the death of his family, Def-jam is climbing higher and higher in his success. He is craving a championship and a challenge worth his time. Although he may come off as cocky, he is generous and friendly.. that is unless he is crossed. Deadly, submissions and an even more horrifying finishing maneuver, This street fighter turned professional is ready for anyone who is willing to step up.

Real name : Justin Sythe

Wrestler name: Def-jam

Finishers: The Finishing Touch (Direct Damage) : Defjam Sends a back heel to the opponents face making them stummble back he then charges the opponent and hooks the oopnents arm and neck and whips him back
he then sends the opponent down against his knee, raises him back up to his feet then lifts the opponent up and jumps forward as he slams the opponent hard to the mat executing The Finishing Touch

The Hardcore Dark Consideration (submission) : Defjam catches the opponents arm and neck with his own and twists a bit letting his back touch the opponents back then flips him over his back slamming him on his gut.
Defjam then wraps his arm around his wrist and pulls back choking the opponent executing Hardcore Dark Consideration

Face or Heel? : Face

Catch Phrase: .... Cus im the Legend of Xtreeeeeeeeeme Deeeeeeeeef Jaaaaaaaaaam!!!

Nicknames: Hardcore Maniac, Legend of Xtreme.

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The Legend of Xtreme Def-jam
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