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PostSubject: Dissapointment   Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:27 am

The fans are enjoying another night of Shockwave action when the titan tron lights up and the camera shows the doors to the arena open up and The Phoenix Kid walks on screen. The fans cheer as they see the superstar enter and walk down the hallway towards what can be assumed the lockeroom. Keith Ledger is seen a few seconds later running to catch up to him, panting as he gets close he hollers out his name, this causes The Phoenix Kid to stop turn and wait for Keith to catch up. Keith catches up still panting from being out of breath, he takes a few moments to catch his breath before he begins to speak.

Keith Ledger:I am glad that I caught you, So you have had another match here in PWE and how do you feel you have done? What do you think your chances are of becoming a champion here? Did you see the tournament set up and do you think your get a shot?

Phoenix Kid:Well to be honest, I feel like I letting all fans down, I don't feel that I have been very exciting nor do I feel that fans are happy with performance. Yes they cheer for me, but I don't feel right. Also my match against Azteck was boring, I don't know if he was not fully into match or if he didn't want to wrestle, but even regardless I should have performed better. I think my chances of becoming a champion in this federation are as good as anyone else. Do I expect championship to be handed....No do I expect that if I am offered chance for championship that I will win...Nothing is certain in the sport outside of injury. I have seen tournament set up and I was surprised by outcome on several matches.

Keith Ledger stands there for a minute or two before speaking again

Keith Ledger:What do you see in your future here at PWE? Have you found any friends here yet? Do you see yourself having any friends in the future? Have you thought of tagging with anyone and going the tag route?

The Phoenix Kid looks at Keith and goes to speak but pauses for a minute as if he is reflecting on the set of questions, after what seems like several long minutes of dead air he finally speaks.

Phoenix Kid:I do believe you ask question before, but I will answer again. I see my future in PWE to be bright and to possibly be the champion. Friends, I have not found any here that I would call friends as I haven't been looking to make friends. Friends can stab you in back for there own gain, I don't need. As for teaming up or tagging with someone I have not seen anyone who I could trust enough in order to see success, that's not to say won't happen but don't see it now. Excuse me while I change my gear.

The Phoenix Kid steps aside and walks down the hallway but doesn't get very far as Keith Ledger is heard talking on a phone and as soon as he gets done he calls THe Phoenix Kid, who stops and turns not expecting to be followed.

Keith Ledger:Phoenix Kid! Phoenix Kid! Hold up, I just received word that you are in the opening match against Blotter Boy in a PWE Television Qualifier match.

The Phoenix Kid looks at Keith the expresson on his face hard to make out due to his mask, but he walks towards Keith and then speaks.

Phoenix Kid:Did I hear you right? Did you just say that I am in a qualifying match for the TV Championship? You not trying to play a joke are you? As I am not in a very joking mood.

Keith Ledger adjusts himself before speaking

Keith Ledger:No joke, no kidding, I just got off the phone with the GM and he has you going against Blotter Boy in a qualifying match for the TV Championship.

Phoenix Kid:I see, maybe I didn't do as bad as I thought. Maybe I be to hard on self. So I will be opening show against Blotter Boy...I have fought him several times and we seem pretty even match. So this should be good match I would think fans like this match. If I come out winner I will have to prepare for next opponent, though I do not expect to take Blotter Boy lightly as there is no something on line. Thank you for that news, excuse me again as I go get ready for match.

The Phoenix Kid bows and turns walking down the hallway to the locker room to prepare for his match against Blotter Boy. The fans are heard cheering in the background.
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PostSubject: Re: Dissapointment   Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:39 pm

updated for show
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