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 Fun with Silverola and Wacko

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PostSubject: Fun with Silverola and Wacko   Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:07 am

Silverola is seen polishing her nails in backstage, she flashed fingernail covered with silver color. AJ Wacko approaches her.

Silverola: Well hello... what are you waiting for? Give me the report!

Silverola stashes the paper AJ Wacko tried to hand to her. She read and turn pages, and read some more.

Silverola: I guess second stage are in order... Time for third stage! Are you ready AJ? It's your time to shine now!

AJ Wacko is fixing his necktie.

Silverola: hold on, let me fix it right there for you honeybuns.

Silverola is cleaning and pulling on necktie... then she shagged the necktie!

Silverola: Tonight, you're going to find toughest opponent you can find, and you're not going to give him mercy, you're going to make sure he can never wrestle again! Do you understand??

AJ Wacko is coughing and nodding.

Silverola: I said!




AJ Wacko: *struggles to say* YES my lover my lovely star in the darkest sky!!

Silverola, let go of necktie: Good! After tonight, nobody's going to mock us, not I... Silverola!!

AJ Wacko coughs and take a deep breath.

Silverola: oh yes and you too AJ Wacky baby.

AJ Wacko: Have you considered who should be our target tonight?

Silverola: *scoff* There's plenty of targets, how about Wolvian? White Phoenix? or better yet, Ghetto Blaster??!! Oh yes! that's it! Tonight... you will be in hardcore match starting you... AJ Wacko vs. Ghetto Blaster... yes! That's great idea! let's go!

AJ Wacko: Ghetto Blaster?? But he's too strong!! Oh no... *collapses*
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Fun with Silverola and Wacko
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